Lo Siento No Entiendo


A collaboration with Lo Siento studio for the OFFF 2015 magazine B Side.


Each student was chosen to work with a local design studio and present them with an idea that we could collaborate on. I wanted to make the project relatable to myself and the studio, and it just so happens that at the time my most used phrase in Spanish was “Lo siento no entiendo” (I’m sorry, I don’t understand).


This led me to the idea of creating a piece around the confusing world of false friends (words in two languages that look or sound similar, but differ significantly in meaning).


We then worked together to transform these false friends into the classic memory game where the player would have to match these corresponding English and Spanish false friends.

Excerpt from B Side, written by Atelier director Aimee Duchamp.


Burnley is a town in the metropolitan area of Lancashire with an estimated population of 73500 inhabitants… well, 73499 since Matt moved to Barcelona just a few months ago.


With the excitement of a new student arriving in this beautiful mediterranean city, Matt had a lack of knowledge in local languages. Borja Martínez was born and raised in Barcelona, he studied industrial design and later he moved to London College of Printing to study graphic design. In 2003 he started “Lo Siento” studio in Barcelona.


Matt Nichol overestimated the apparent advantage that his home language could give him. In the end, his strong British accent combined with his fast paced speech ma made way for some curious encounters.


Lo Siento is Borja Martínez. NoEntiendo is Matt Nichol. The rest is a card game that can speak for itself.